That was the idea behind this project. Uniqueness. Something made just for you. A unique black T-shirt with only one owner. You.

So, what is Nedin Sapok? 999 black T-shirts created and will be sold / auctioned throughout 2024, from March 1st until the end of the year. Each T-shirt is unique. How?

Every design comes with a limited number of T-shirts created, and every single one of them has a unique number printed on it. On this website, you can see who bought it and all of that person's social media, that is, of course, only if the buyer wants to.

There are also 99 NFTs created that are available now for sale until the end of 2024. The collection is named "Believe" and I believe you'll love them.

The project will have a prelaunch page on Kickstarter soon. If you like this project, you can support it there. All those who supports it will have their names printed on each one of the 10 special Kickstarter T-shirts, and, shall the project reaches the funding goal, there will be a draw for ten lucky supporters to win them.